Saturday, March 24, 2007

Anonymous awards

I have been tagged for a Thinking Blogger Award by two of the greatest anonymous medical bloggers over the past week - Pharmagossip award and Clinical Psychology and Psychiatry - award. These are two great pharmaceutical blogs. When one is nominated, it is apparently one’s duty to pass along five sites (and only five sites) that make one think.

Here are the rules.

Here is the graphic:

So, in the same spirit I offer up 5 blogs. I have specifically excluded the eight other special blogs already awarded.

Clinical Psychology and Psychiatry - a closer look
Furious Seasons
Health Care Renewal
The Last Psychiatrist
Pharma Giles
Peter Rost Blog

Given the limit of five, I have closen five others that deserve more thinking attention (and with no insult intended to the many other great blogs I read):

  1. The amazing and fearless Vera Sharav at the Alliance for Human Research Protection
  2. Seroxat Secrets A fascinating and excellent example of what our patients can achieve when us doctors don't care about the scientific evidence underlying the drugs we prescribe. A detailed and persistent probing of the functioning and malfunctioning of the UK drug regulator (the MHRA) and GlaxoSmithKline.
  3. From the great John Mack -The Pharma Marketing Blog
  4. Sisyphus’ Ledge by a thoughtful psychiatrist with bipolar disorder.
  5. And the ever amusing and intelligent Rita Pal of NHS Exposed now on the NHS Exposed Blog

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for the nomination. It did indeed bring a smile to my pillow creased face this morning! I have done my duty and nominated 5 others who certainly make me think but perhaps not always in agreement with their opinions. However, life would be very boring if there was no room for debate.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

A throughly deserved award for a highly intelligent, extremely entertaining and well-written blog. All the best and keep it going...


x said...

You deserve it. In view of the fact I am attempting to move away from the intellectualisation of medicine, I believe I am wrongly nominated but nevertheless grateful as always.

Rita Pal

Anonymous said...

Glad you can deal with this horrible behavior with some humor. Don't get too upset about things - we all know that the bastards cheat and lie to get out of difficulties.