Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Procter research shenanigans part 1: The origins of misconduct

It's all down to money

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Conversation Eastell and Blumsohn 10 September 2003

Blumsohn: So far as the plenary poster if we go through all the things I said I would be comfortable with that.
Eastell: Mmm
Blumsohn: ... and for the other poster I am comfortable with the poster but I have still never seen the data... which to give an oral presentation at the ACR meeting I would find a difficult thing to do.
Eastell: The only thing that we have to watch all the time is our relationship with P&G. Because we are ... because we have the big Sheffield Centre Grant [from P&G] which is a good source of income, we have got to really watch it. So.... the reason why I worry is the network within P&G is like lightening. So if Ian is unhappy it goes to Arkadi, it goes from Arkadi to Nora and before we know it, there is an issue, there is a problem... and it has to be addressed and so forth. and so I was getting worried that the whole thing might be activated and that would affect our relationship.

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Anonymous said...

It's always interesting to watch cowards trying to wriggle out of a tight spot. Keep them on the run. You have the truth on your side.

Where parts 2,3,4....??


insider said...


Hey Aubrey.

I've had an Eastell defender!

Aubrey Blumsohn said...

No problems --- all we want here is open debate and examination of the facts, not anonymous ad-hominem comment. I have reproduced the posting on your blog from this anonymous commenter on your blog where it belongs - right here. The comment will be addressed quite clearly I think.

Anonymous said...
Richard Eastell is as honest as the day is long. I simply do not believe he has done anything wrong. Not all 'whistleblowers' are right - profession enmity and ego can be a powerful motivator.

12:33 PM

insider said...
Go here. Listen and then post!!


Anonymous said...

Eastell continues to parade around the world - an emperor-without-clothes.

Anonymous said...

We are all as honest as the day is long eh?


He has a nice smile. I liked the picture in the THES with the P&G logo around the neck.

Anonymous said...

This is not unique. It is a mandatory requirement to get to be a KOL in medicine.