Sunday, October 08, 2006

Announcing the Drug Regulatory Logo competition

We have a competition as diversion from the main and serious remit of this blog.

Drug regulatory bodies have become experts at shielding their corporate masters by baffling and misleading the public and doctors instead of protecting and informing them (see ducking and weaving, thank you Health Minister, why is the government not acting?, and the FDA halo effect). Following the success of the Science Idol Cartoon Contest (the Union of Concerned Scientists) you are invited to help defend medicine and pharmaceutical science from manipulation and to work for a healthier world by :
Designing a new logo or mission statement for the FDA, the MHRA, Health Canada (or your very own drug regulatory body).
All entries will be posted on this blog as they are received.
The closing date is 01 December 2006.
The first prize is 10,000 Sudanese Pounds.
Entries by Email (can be posted without your name if you wish).

To set the ball rolling we have a logo for the MHRA courtesy of the Seroxat Users support group


Although intended to be a lighthearted diversion from a personal battle to prevent obfuscation of ethical and scientific problems in clinical studies involving Actonel, there is a serious purpose. If drug regulation is required, then our patients deserve that it should be honest and transparent. Our patients also deserve that all those who choose to lead our noble profession should do so because they have the interests of patients at heart. A little humour or sarcasm might help to place a tiny spotlight on this particular disease. As with any problem facing our patients, we have to do what we can:
"You've got to do what you can,
and let Mother Nature do the rest."

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