Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Book review: Scientific Misconduct And Its Cover-up

I found this book interesting.

Scientific Misconduct And Its Cover-up: Diary Of A Whistleblower. Rivlin, Solomon. Boca Raton: Brown Walker Press (Fl), 2004.

The linguistics of scientific integrity would merit considerable academic study. This book provides (through a single case-example) a veritable style manual for Universities and journals trying to impede attempts to hold scientists responsible for their conduct. It includes the original (anonymized) correspondence of one particular case - a treasure trove of linguistic hocus pocus and academic bullying.

The Kafakarian behavior of the involved scientific journals is only too familiar. The essence of scientific misconduct is intentional behavior that disrupts the integrity of the scientific record. Unacceptable and obfuscatory handling of allegations of misconduct would seem to constitute scientific misconduct in and of itself.

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