Thursday, December 20, 2007

Christmas gifts for the MHRA and GMC

Quite liked this cover. A new book by John O'Farrell. Gifts for my totally non-corrupted friends at the MHRA (the UK drug regulator) and my totally non-corrupted and non-racist and honest friends at the General Medical Council. All as pure as the driven slush. Merry Christmas to all.

Here at last is a chance to have a good laugh and learn all that stuff you feel you really ought to know by can read how Anglo-Saxon liberals struggled to be positive about immigration; 'Look I think we have to try and respect the religious customs of our new Viking friends - oi, he's nicked my bloody ox!' Discover how England's peculiar class system was established by some snobby French nobles whose posh descendants still have wine cellars and second homes in the Dordogne today. And explore the complex socio-economic reasons why Britain's kings were the first in Europe to be brought to heel; (because the Stuarts were such a useless bunch of untalented, incompetent, arrogant, upper-class thickoes that Parliament didn't have much choice.) A book about then that is also incisive and illuminating about now, "2000 Years of Upper Class Idiots in Charge" is an informative and cantankerous journey through Britain' fascinating and bizarre history. It is as entertaining as a witch burning, and a lot more laughs. Even more laughs than GlaxoSmithKline's study 329 and all those children who died.

Perhaps a copy too for the UK Panel for Research "integrity". I recall an immensely productive and useful meeting with them exactly a year ago.

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