Saturday, March 22, 2008

BMJ Advertising Watch : 22 March 2008 (The fabric of civilization)

This is the British Medical Journal Advertising analysis for this week.

Rules: As usual this is for the UK version of the BMJ. The classified advertisement section is excluded, as are advertisements for the BMA, products of the BMJ/BMA/BNF or the government.

The Devils Dictionary Defiled defines Truth in Advertising thus:
Truth in Advertising - n. a fiction whose realization is impossible. Advertising's end is selling, and should truth enter the practice it would mean the end of selling. The end of selling is the end of civilization.
Stephen R. Brubaker, 2006
Truth in advertising would drain the advertising field of all creative talent and energy. All the talent would have to be absorbed by the fields of politics, journalism, and law. In several of these fields, good fiction writers would be welcome, as they would be able to raise the standards of the craft measurably. But once all fantasy has been removed from the process of product disclosure, there will be an expectation that product flaws be disclosed as well. When consumers discover the full extent by which goods and services are likely to fall short of their once fantasized ideal of function, durability, economy, and satisfaction, all commerce will cease. The white-hot economy will freeze solid, fracture, and shatter like glass. It would prove the undoing of civilization. Fabrication is the fabric of civilization.
- American Enterprise Trade Commission
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