Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Zetia - something brewing on Cafe Pharma

[Zetia]Cafe Pharma, the anonymous bulletin board for Pharmaceutical Sales Representatives, is always amusing and insightful. The mud flows freely. From these anonymous comments today on the Schering Plough board [Link, Link], one wonders what innovations are brewing with Zetia and a "49 day plan". Some great science I suspect.

Yesterday, 06:33 PM Zetia 49 Strategy
Wondered what everyone thinks about this Zetia 49 plan??

I hate having extra $$ that I have to spend on Drs that I can barely see. I have a hard time spending all my lunch/dinner $$ now. Can't get docs out to dinner anyway - especially the ones they've targeted for me...... This instruction that we are to have a lunch or dinner EVERY DAY - come on!! Like all the Drs offices aren't booked already for the year - or have stopped doing lunches/dinners altogether! ....

Throwing money at a problem is not the way to fix things - it will only make matters worse. Have the company come clean about the study, give us some good (or even not so good) evidenced based medicine - and let us earn back the business the right way.

Yesterday, 07:55 PM Zetia 49 Strategy
Hey how about replacing the Vytorin combination of Zetia and Simva with Zetia and Cheerios.... You could call it something creative like Cheatios. Come on, I know you SP shitheads can make something out of all of this. Run a trial call Son of Enhance and use a Priest as the "Head Investigator and enroll only 8 year old little boys. Then hold the results for 10 years until they reach legal age and then reveal the truth. Send this one up to your marketing team.....

Yesterday, 10:25 PM 49 day plan ... hahahahahahahahaha RIGHT !!!??
this is a joke....??? right.

Yesterday, 10:32 PM Re: 49 day plan ... hahahahahahahahaha RIGHT !!!??
My 49 day plan consists of seeing how many of the next 49 days I cannot work. Hell I'll probably extend the plan if it works out for me.

Today, 01:50 AM Re: 49 day plan ... hahahahahahahahaha RIGHT !!!??
at least you'll be kept busy until 1Q 08 numbers go public .....

Today, 06:08 AM Zetia 49 Strategy
Does any one think that having all this extra money thrown at us looks and feels like we are "buying" back the business - not "earning" back the business?
Once again, SP is seeing just how far it can go without crossing the line...
Hey Fred, Carrie - the line HAS been crossed! Integrity counts!...

Today, 06:08 AM Zetia 49 Strategy
Here is why it will not work: ...We have lost the trust of doctors. It is not the message, but until there is DATA showing that Zetia reduces CV events and mortality, doctors will say that we are just spewing the same old shit, and get even more pissed....

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Robert Smith said...

Zetia is a good drug. the study was flawed. Zetia reduces cholesterol and CRP better than Zocor alone and better than Lipitor.

Anonymous said...

You (kind person) have obviously missed the point entirely.