Monday, September 08, 2008

Pharmaceutical Mergers - Update

I updated the previously discussed historical database of pharmaceutical mergers to include Searle and the Roche Holding acquisitions of Syntex (1994, renamed Roche Bioscience in '95), and recently Genentech.

Please send along any corrections or additions to me at Email.

Here, of interest, is a listing of the eighteen largest pharmaceutical companies as ranked 21 years ago (in 1987). The source is an extremely odd, but interesting book : "Murder By Injection" by Eustace Mullins.
  1. Merck (U.S.) $4.2 billion in sales.
  2. Glaxo Holdings (United Kingdom) $3.4 billion.
  3. Hoffman LaRoche (Switzerland) $3.1 billion.
  4. Smith Kline Beckman (U.S.) $2.8 billion.
  5. Ciba-Geigy (Switzerland) $2.7 billion.
  6. Pfizer (U.S.) $2.5 billion (Standard & Poor's gives its sales as $4 billion.)
  7. Hoechst A. G. (Germany) $2.5 billion (Standard & Poor's lists its sales as $38 Billion Deutschmarks).
  8. American Home Products ( U.S.) $2.4 billion ($4.93 billion according to Standard & Poor's).
  9. Lilly (U.S.) $2.3 billion ($3.72 billion Standard & Poor's).
  10. Upjohn ( U.S.) $2 billion.
  11. Squibb (U.S.) $2 billion.
  12. Johnson & Johnson ( U.S.) $1.9 billion.
  13. Sandoz (Switzerland) $1.8 billion.
  14. Bristol Myers (U.S.) $1.6 billion.
  15. Beecham Group (United Kingdom) $1.4 billion (Standard & Poor's gives $1.4 billion in sales of the U.S. subsidiary $2.6 billion pounds sterling as overall income).
  16. Bayer A. G. (Germany) $1.4 bilIion (Standard & Poor's gives the figure as $45.9 billion Deutschmarks).
  17. Syntex (U.S.) $1.1 billion.
  18. Warner Lambert (U.S.) $1.1 billion (Standard & Poor's gives the figure as $3.1 billion).

I received a huge number of helpful responses including this one:

From: "World Changer"
CC: John Kaminski, JB Campbell, Christopher Bollyn,, Counter Bias
Subject: Pharmaceutical Mergers - Scientific Misconduct Wiki
Date: Tue, 2 Sep 2008 14:19:18 -0500

The main thing you need to do with your list is to list all the Jews who own and run the companies.

Given the recent revelations that George Bush is Jewish and attended Sheffield University, can anyone help with the vital task of collating ethnic affiliations of current pharmaceutical CEO's?

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Radagast said...

Yee gads, man! Is it possible that a Jewish oligarchy is meting out the same treatment to the (guilty) world, that the world allowed the Jews to experience, 70-odd years ago?

I think we should be told!

Yours sincerely

A Massive Fan of Shrub
(in order to not appear anti semitic)

Anonymous said...

Fred Hassan, CEO & Chairman of Schering Plough, a native of Pakistan is a Jew. he became one when he helped his company to fiddle the science involving Zetia.

Severin Schwan CEO of Roche is a Jew

William M. Burns CEO of Roche Pharmaceutical division is a Jew

Andrew Witty, Chief Executive of GSK is a Jew

Jeff Kindler, CEO of Pfizer is a

Werner Wenning (CEO) of Bayer is a Jew

It is hard to think of a current pharmaceutical CEO who is not a Jew even though they might appear at first glance to be WASP.

So are George Bush, Gordon Brown, Tony Blair, both of the main contenders in the US election, Osama bin Laden and OJ Simpson. IG Farben industries and all of its pharmaceutical offshoots were controlled by Jews, started by Jews and financed by Jews. Everyone bad is a Jew.

acrmd said...

Is it really helpful to look at the religious affiliations of leading identities? Why should religion matter?

Surely these individuals should be judged for their business success, rather than their religious affiliations and some kind of 'conspiracy theory' these labels might suggest.

Anonymous said...

ACRMD I think the above comments are intended to be ironic. Whatever the case I think the topic is corporate fraud not business success (unless these are one and the same)


Anonymous said...

Bush's main man,Don Rumsfeld, was C.E.O. of G.D. Searle, the pharmaceutical division of Monsanto, before being acquired by Pfizer during a hostile takeover for the drug Celebrex.

Eli Lilly, like corporate entities in general, is evil, yet more evil than most pharma. corps. You will read with this link about connections with the Bush family and this company. There are also connections with the Bush family and Adolph Hitler. Our enemies we believe them to be with the U.S. are really our allies, my friend.

In general, there is a pathologically intimate relationship between the U.S. government and pharmaceutical corproations, if not U.S. Corporations in general.

The government of the U.S. seems to have a particular affinity for Novartis Pharma. They are rarely prosecuted, and if they are, they bribe the U.S. government not to release the settlement agreement to the U.S. mass media. Check out: for more information.

The U.S., Australia, and Switzerland, where Novartis is based, are a covert federation, by the way.

Pharma companies, by the way, make drugs in both Puerto Rico and Ireland for tax breaks, as well as acquiring the ability to sell shit drugs to third world companies.