How a new paradigm is created

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Blogger Stephany said ... (June 18, 2008) : 

ha ha! thanks for the laugh Aubrey!


Blogger Radagast said ... (June 18, 2008) : 

This is horrificly accurate, I think: none of us really knows why we do anything. Except that we are terrified of the sense of fear that attends doing anything different, of course.



Blogger D Bunker said ... (June 18, 2008) : 

The eloquence is stunning, and if it weren't for National Socialist tax money buying that hose, Harvard Med/Mass General wouldn't Still be selling the water in that hose. Only under Bureaucracy Knows Best can 4 year olds need Seroquel, or any Other of these psychdrugdanger hosings for Any reason.


Anonymous John Stone said ... (June 20, 2008) : 

Otherwise known as Fascism


Anonymous Pharmacritique said ... (June 21, 2008) : 


I'm not sure this is related to facism or any other dictatorship...

It's the way any scientific and/or ideologic paradigm is created and becomes dominating through a group effect (see social psychology: group conformism, etc.).
Nietzsche has described this very accurately.
A behaviour is reproduced because the group (the medical profession, the society...) doesn't admit anything else. An alternative would mean make use of each one's critical thinking - which went dumb because of the group's influence - and take the risk of being excluded by the group...
Look at the writings of Petr Skrabanek and McCormick: the vicious circle of a small number of authorities in medicine, deciding about everything, quoting each other, supporting each other as long as each member respects existing rules (no matter how idiot the rules are...) and doesn't try to change them...


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