Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Misconduct roundup 26 May 09

A New issue of the Journal Science and Engineering Ethics

is now available. Most is sadly the type of scientific debate Springer thinks needs to be hidden behind its paywall. However one useful article is open access, and worth a read. I'll discuss it over the next few days. Here it is:
Implementing the Netherlands Code of Conduct for Scientific Practice—A Case Study: Daan Schuurbiers, Patricia Osseweijer and Julian Kinderlerer. Science and Engineering Ethics15(2)/ June, 2009 213-231 (PDF here)

Chinese Earthquakes - ?cheating in scientific reports on building construction

It is just over a year since the Sichuan earthquake in southwestern China. In an article in The Guardian (UK) Ai Weiwei writes of alleged state scientific misconduct and cover-up involving the Chinese Government. It involves the stated reasons for the collapse of various buildings (Our duty is to remember Sichuan, 25 May 2009). It is said that the so called "scientific investigation carried out is nothing more than a trick in the game of bureaucracy". Commenters discuss what happened to John Sweeney of the BBC when he tried to interview Sichuan earthquake parents, and how Financial Times journalist Jamil Anderlini was beaten.

World Tarot Day

Yesterday, 25 March, was World Tarot Day. To celebrate randomized analysis of hidden data to achieve a marketing objective, World Tarot Day is proud to support the efforts of Procter and Gamble

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