Saturday, March 01, 2008

BMJ Advertising Watch : 01 March 2008 (another day another lie - perhaps)

This is the British Medical Journal Advertising analysis for this week.

Having retired the misrepresented Dr Jarvik, the back cover Lipitor advertisement (Pfizer) features a fireman. Is he really a fireman? See Pharma Giles and Health Care Renewal on the "mis-impressions and distractions" of the Jarvik campaign. Now who is this un-named fireman, does he exist, and did he really say "What's terrifying for them is everyday for me"? As a doctor of average intelligence I am obviously deeply impressed by a fireman telling me about lipidology. We shall see:
Medical Information
Pfizer Limited
Walton Oaks
Dorking Road
Tadworth, Surrey
KT20 7NS

1 March 2008

Dear Sir

I note the photograph of a fireman on the back cover of the BMJ this week (issue 1 March 2008).

I would appreciate it if you would let me know the name of this fireman, since certain statements are attributed to him. I would like to know whether this fireman exists, whether he is an accredited fireman, and whether he really made the statements attributed to him. If he is not a fireman, please let me know which parts of this advertisement are truthful and science-based.

Best wishes

Dr Aubrey Blumsohn
In the meantime, the BMJ continues to advertise itself to advertisers thusly:
"We protect our reputation by careful balance of editorial and advertising, which means your messages will always stand out".
The BMJ seemed short of advertising material this month. There was however an advertisement for books! Sadly the troubling testosterone advertisement was back.

Rules: As usual this is for the UK version of the BMJ. The classified advertisement section is excluded, as are advertisements for the BMA, products of the BMJ/BMA/BNF or the government.

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soulful sepulcher said...

Well I'd like to know why they choose men to promote a product, and not a woman. It's depicting strong, sterotypical male roles--doctor, firemen, what about women? the forgotten sub-group who die of heart disease at high rates, and are doctors and medics, etc.

Anonymous said...

In this world it is using men to promote lies - so I would not be too envious Stephany.

Anonymous said...

This is deeply and scientifically relevant.

Lipids = fats
Fats in overheated pans = fires
Firemen = put out fires

You can't get more scientific than that.

Anonymous said...

Correct. The incidence of cardiovascular death by firemen during a rescue is well known and preventable by Lipitor - presumably - as the advertisement implies.

Anonymous said...

Our CEO has read your comment in response, Anonymous, and is currently on the phone seeking a merger with a chemical company on the grounds that Liepitor may save the lives of even more firemen if used as a fire extinguisher.

Anonymous said...

The fireman link is all about how Pfizer continues to hose the public...

Anonymous said...

Heheheh to Pharma Giles :-)