Tuesday, July 15, 2008

A crooked scientist

There was a crooked man,
And he walked a crooked mile.
To confer with his crooked neighbor,
Who wore a crooked smile.
The crooked man's neighbor,
Lived in a crooked nook.
Both being crooked people,
They read a crooked book.
Inside were crooked tales,
Of other crooked men.
'Twas a crooked man's dream,
Shared with a crooked friend.

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Fid said...

There was a crooked man and he wore a crooked smile
He built a crooked highway and it ran for miles and miles.

With money from the revenue and sponsorship from Ford
But it barely holds together with the goodwill of the Lord

In the penthouse of the baron, the little children sleep
Daddy talks to smugglers while armed gorillas creep

Poison for the great unwashed, business for the mob
Another teenage murder, it's trouble on the job

Now I see what I must see
The poor do time the rich go free
You keep the faith and they keep score
Is this what you are working for

A newsleak in the city, another scandal breaks
Sex and drugs in city hall, someone on the make

Legal bounty hunters aim their lawsuits well
The victim talks to Playboy says I guess I'll go to hell

Lyrics Big Country

Anonymous said...

This is totally off topic, but what happened to Pharma Giles? I tried to email him but that is cut off too.....