Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Micro Statistics Tutorials: Introduction

Some say I should run a series of real-world statistics "tutorials". A bit like the good book Statistics at Square one but in juicier chunks.

The stimulus was the wonderful letter in the BMJ (signed by around 20 statisticians) asserting that EU regulators should employ more card carrying statisticians to "explore methods and data in real depth".

The claim for God-given magical powers of statisticians would carry more credibility if any of the signatories were commentators on instances of blatant fraud in clinical trials, or on the absence of actual data to "explore".

I like statisticians but they have no such magical powers. Most statistics is (and should be) transparent and straightforward.

Some actual statisticians have screwed up, lied, colluded with fraud, colluded with ghosts, completely misunderstood the science, or agreed to the hiding-away of data. Most have stood by in silence.

Please send along any examples. Here goes - the Scientific Misconduct Blog Micro-Statistics Tutorials. Some will be serious, others couched in frippery.

The usual disclaimer: INAS (I'm Not A [proper card holding] Statistician).

See here for Collated Micro-Statistics Tutorials

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