Sunday, February 17, 2008

BMJ Advertising Watch : 16 February 2008 (All hail, Delusion)

All hail, Delusion! Were it not for thee
The world turned topsy-turvy we should see;
(Mumfrey Mappel)

This is the British Medical Journal Advertising analysis for this week. The BMJ continues to advertise itself to advertisers thusly:
"We protect our reputation by careful balance of editorial and advertising, which means your messages will always stand out".

Comment: A full three pages of advertising was devoted to something other than Pharmaceuticals (11.6% of total). The 11.6% comprises an advertisement for the army, half a page on Ramsay Healthcare (a private hospital network with links to the Labour Government), a clinical trials register, and child care provision. There is nothing at all in the BMJ about ongoing developments in the scandal of Ketek. There is not a word about the further findings of manipulated results in Seroxat/Paxil clinical trials. UK doctors seemingly have no interest in the recent revised estimates of the number of individuals who are likely to have died (22,000) as a result of the failure by Bayer to disclose trasylol data in September 2006. There is still nothing of any substance on the Ezetimibe scandal. The "Better Together" advertisement for Ezetimibe did not appear this week. The testosterone advertisement continues to appear.

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Rules: As usual this is for the UK version of the BMJ. The classified advertisement section is excluded, as are advertisements for the BMA, products of the BMJ/BMA/BNF or the government.

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