Saturday, February 02, 2008

Updated Political Map of pharmaceutical bloggers

This is the updated "political chart" of pharmaceutical bloggers. For background see here. For details see here. Take the test here.

Clicking individual "dots" should open the respective blogs in a new window. For comparison with historical political figures and UK political parties according to the authors of the test see here.

Blogs so far are
Healthcare Renewal (Roy Poses and others) - the serious master of them all
Pharmagossip (Jack Friday) - the less serious master of them all
Pharmalot - and the man behind it - Ed Silverman of The Star-Ledger of New Jersey. Superlative journalism and a key source.
Brandweek NRX and Dr Peter Rost, previous Vice President of Pfizer
Pharma Giles - Good Fun
Pharma Fraud - Doesn't Like J&J particularly
Furious Seasons - Excellent look at seriously bad science in psychiatry
Scientific Misconduct Blog - This blog
Clinical Psychology and Psychiatry: A great blog discussing the malfunction of medical science with an emphasis on psychiatry
Pharma BlogoSphere and much more from John Mack (Editor & Publisher of Pharma Marketing News/Pharma Marketing Blog)
Dr Scot Silverstein, an author at Healthcare Renewal

1, 2 and 3 are three excellent and hard hitting (and deeply depressing) UK-based patient blogs devoted specifically to exposing misconduct and misrepresentation in clinical trials of Seroxat (Paxil) and various aspects of the integrity of GlaxoSmithKline.

1 = Bob Fiddaman Blog
2 = Seroxat Secrets
3 = It's quite an experience: Matt Holford (a compliance lawyer)

4 is Honest Medicine. Julia Schopick created Honest Medicine in honor of her late husband, Tim Fisher, as a way to "work with others to make significant changes to the way people think about, and interact with, our flawed medical system."

This test is significantly flawed, but we'll leave that for another day.

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Anonymous said...

Economic Left/Right: -5.25
Social Libertarian/Authoritarian: -5.64

There were too many questions however where "agree" or "disagree" are forced on you and where neither reflects an accurate view.

It needs at least a choice in the center - even if its a simple as "I don't know" or "It depends on circumstances/conditions".

Interesting to do - but the reliability of the total score has to be questionable given in places there is no choice but to plump for one of two unsatisfactory answers.

soulful sepulcher said...

Economic Left/Right: -0.75
Social Libertarian/Authoritarian: -5.33

This is the 2nd take of the "quiz". First taking I was dead on target w/ #2.

Not a scientist, or person of importance here; but thought the re-do of my test was noteworthy.

Science is art.

Judged only by those who look.

Derek Lowe said...

I agree that the test is flawed - too many "always" statements, and too many greater or lesser ones (with no possibility of equals).

But for what it's worth, I come out as Economic Left/Right 1.50 and Social Lib/Auth -1.23. That would seem to put me on the right-hand side of your X axis so far.